College Esports

Looking for competitive student-athletes to grow your Esports team?

Looking for talented coaching to improve the ranking of your team and drive recruitment? Or maybe you are looking to join a competitive conference and have your teams seen on TV?  META can provide all inclusive packages to include our state-of-the-art Competition  Management Platform and get your teams competing in season play immediately! 

Recruiting Assistance

The PATHWAYS tool allows META to provide each college and university with a virtually  unlimited number of recruits.  PATHWAYS is able to track and build a student-athlete’s profile including Rank per title,  GPA, gender, ethnicity, geographic location, etc. If you tell us what you are looking for  we can facilitate recruiting opportunities on an almost endless basis as we have  hundreds of thousands of interested students and that number is only growing.  PATHWAYS has a 70-90% engagement rate for the colleges and universities using our  program.

Esports Coaching and Management

We know that having Esports as a service and Esports management is an out of the box  solution compared to traditional sports management, but Esports is not a traditional  sport. To have any success, it takes an entire Esports dedicated staff. Compliance, social  media, coaches for each game, recruiters, physical fitness instructors /trainers,  schedulers and a program manager to ensure everything runs smoothly. Most colleges  and high schools cannot afford to hire all the additional employees needed and one  Esports coach cannot do it all. Coaches get overwhelmed quickly which leads to high  turnover. Teams are usually left as student run clubs with little or no benefit to the  school or the student-athletes. META is your solution.

Our ground-breaking Esports curriculum concentrates on building and developing the  student-athlete’s skills through game specific training, teamwork, communication and  leadership. All instruction is delivered by certified pro and college Esports coaches. 

The majority of the META represented schools see recruitment numbers of 10-15 for  year one and over 20 for each year after. META maintains a database of over 20,000  Esports athletes that are actively looking for colleges. We work closely with your  admissions staff to get you the best possible student-athletes that match the culture of  your school while also increasing your outreach across the U.S. and abroad. Just like  traditional sports, Esports keeps your student-athletes engaged and retained.

For a yearly, flat fee, we provide the following:

38 Weeks of Instruction

Up to 5 Sports




Social Media Management

Club & Varsity Level Gaming

Coaches for Every Sport

Weekly Score/Stats to your SID

Custom School Discord Server

Streaming Each Game

Customized Team Playbook

Paid Membership into a D3 or Higher Esports Conference for Competition

All Instruction Delivered by Certified Pro & College Coaches

Physical Fitness / Nutrition / Stress Management Programs

Custom Team Esports Jerseys with School Logo & Colors

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We can get your program up and running in days!

Conference and League Management

TeamMETA has developed a state-of-the-art gaming platform that allows our member teams to easily organize their conference games and brackets throughout the season, track player and team stats and easily communicate among all member teams. We can custom design our gaming platform to meet the needs of any conference or league. TeamMETA is the proud host of the TeamMETA College Conference (TMCC) which includes over 150 colleges and universities.

Gear Up!

META can design your school’s Esports arena and outfit it with competition grade equipment, peripherals, and personalized team gear.