As the sport has grown it has been recognized by colleges and universities as a primary tool of recruitment. Students with certain skills and rankings are now highly sought after by colleges and universities and are being offered scholarships no different than traditional sports. We have developed several levels of proprietary curriculum across all of the popular gaming titles. The curriculum is taught by high ranking college and professional players. Students can advance through our different levels of training including Academy, Elite, and even Professional. As a TeamMETA™ student they will be entered into the PATHWAYS Program and will be exposed to college coaches around the country. As a TeamMETA™ student they will also participate in the TeamMETA™ College Conference and play against some of the best teams from some of the best colleges and universities across the country. No other traditional sport offers this type of training and this type of exposure for high school students serious about their sport!

Recruiting Assistance


For the student-athlete TeamMETA™ provides a proven and proprietary curriculum to truly help elevate a player’s game. Through the PATHWAYS tool the profile of student-athletes is designed and built into specifically what college and university programs are looking for. As a TeamMETA™ athlete you will be guaranteed an introduction and promotion to the program of your choice (See Affiliations). Even if we do not work directly with a specific college or university, our relationships and reputation will allow you exposure to programs outside of the META team.

College and University

The PATHWAYS tool allows TeamMETA™ to provide each college and university with a virtually unlimited number of recruits. PATHWAYS is able to track and build a student-athlete’s profile including Rank per title, GPA, gender, ethnicity, geographic location, etc. If you tell us what you are looking for we can facilitate recruiting opportunities on an almost endless basis as we have hundreds of thousands of interested students and that number is only growing. PATHWAYS has a 70-90% engagement rate for the colleges and universities using our program.


Hundreds of thousands of students are now receiving partial, or in some cases, full-tuition scholarships to some major colleges and universities with varsity Esports programs. Partial scholarships may range from $500 to $8,000 per year. Harrisburg University – the winner of ESPN’s inaugural collegiate Esports championship in May 2019 – was the first college Esports program to award a full ride to all 16 players on the 2018 roster. With TeamMETA’s college and professional coaching staff, proprietary curriculum, the PATHWAYS tool and our relationship and reputation with over 150 colleges and universities, we provide you with the best opportunity to receive a number of potential scholarships.


... to name a few!

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