The Academy

Maryland Esports Training Academy (META) was founded to nourish the desire of gamers who wish to excel in the world of Esports.

As the sport has grown it has been recognized by colleges and universities as a primary tool of recruitment. Students with certain skills and rankings are now highly sought after by colleges and universities and are being offered scholarships no different than traditional sports. We have developed several levels of proprietary curriculum across all of the popular gaming titles. The curriculum is taught by high ranking college and professional players. Students can advance through our different levels of training including Academy, Elite, and even Professional. As a TeamMETA™ student they will be entered into the PATHWAYS Program and will be exposed to college coaches around the country. As a TeamMETA™ student they will also participate in the TeamMETA™ College Conference and play against some of the best teams from some of the best colleges and universities across the country. No other traditional sport offers this type of training and this type of exposure for high school students serious about their sport!

PATHWAYS is a state-of-the-art college recruiting application to help connect high school  Esports student-athletes with college coaches and programs. PATHWAYS has a 70-90% engagement rate.   We also offer ranking of student-athletes for each sport and verified real-time stats for each  gaming title. With over a hundred thousand recruits nationwide PATHWAYS is everything students need  to get noticed in everything colleges need to successfully fill an Esports roster!
New to Esports or need help climbing your way through the ranks? Then the META Academy team is your answer! Our proven curriculum will help you build and develop your skills through game specific training, teamwork, communication and leadership.

Looking to take your game to the next level? Then the META Elite team can get you there! Our proven curriculum will upgrade and enhance your skills through game specific training, teamwork, communication and leadership.

Be Seen With TeamMETA on

TeamMETA™ original content and casted games are seen on 14 major platforms and has a viewership of over 3 million a month! We easily have the the largest viewership in Esports. We get you seen!