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How we can help

TeamMETA™ is a full-service Esports Management and Development company.

If you are a High School, College or University, TeamMETA™ will build, represent, maintain and grow your entire Esports program, including coaching, recruiting assistance, compliance, social media management, tournament management and more.If you are a Solo Gamer, TeamMETA™ will coach you and your team of friends using our proprietary curriculum and take your game to the next level. We offer three tiers of training, Academy and Pro, across all popular gaming titles either virtual or in-person. Through our unique PATHWAYS Program our high-school student athletes receive the ultimate experience in college recruiting assistance.

As a TeamMETA™ represented school or as an individual student gamer, we not only teach and inspire, we give you access to play against some of the most well-known teams in the country through the TeamMETA™ College Conference. No other company on the planet is currently offering this type of opportunity!

Whether you’re a college coach that needs help with Esports program development and recuiting, or an Esport athlete looking for professional instruction and coaching to improve your skill level, TeamMETA™ is your esports partner.

TeamMETA Partners With:

Solo Gamers/ Student Athletes

  • The Academy
  • Skill development
  • Competition experience
  • Recruiting assistance
  • Team placement
  • Career Guidance

Public and Private High Schools

  • Coaching
  • College Placement Assistance
  • League hosting
  • League management
  • Consulting

Colleges and Universities

  • Coaching
  • Recruiting
  • League hosting
  • League management
  • Arena design
  • Consulting

Esports Professionals

  • TeamMETA™
  • Casting opportunities
  • Production opportunities
  • Post-production

We play with the best

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TeamMETA™ original content and casted games are seen on 14 major platforms and has a viewership of over 3 million a month! We easily have the the largest viewership in Esports. We get you seen!